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Tess’ Tips for Tenants

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 | Uncategorized | No Comments

1. NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, turn off your heat. Some of our tenants are students who go home for the Christmas Season and return after the New Year begins. Remember, if you have no heat, you may have frozen pipes that may burst. That, of course, brings lots of problems both for you and, if you have one, a downstairs neighbor. We have had students who come home and have a ruined bed, or computer, or electric instrument of some kind because the upstairs neighbor turned off the heat and had a pipe to burst. If that happened, you would be responsible for your neighbor’s ruined belongings. Set your temperature on low or @ 60 degrees.

2. To avoid freezing pipes, keep cabinet doors under your kitchen and bathroom sinks open, especially at night when the temperature dips. Turn on your hot and cold water to form a drip (one every 5 seconds) so water is moving.

3. Make sure all windows and exit doors shut tight and remain shut.

4. Do not run stove tops or ovens for heat. This practice is very expensive and could be a fire hazard.

5. Keep blinds closed on cloudy days and open on sunny days.

6. Turn off all Christmas lights when you are not at home to enjoy them.

7. Add humidity by collecting plants or boiling water for a short time. This could add five degrees to your home temperature.

8. If you have central heating & air, come by the office monthly and pick up a free filter. It will cut down on your cost and eliminate excess dust.

Here’s to a great Christmas Season!


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